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Unfortunately, this goes for the US only. Canada and New Zealand have little constitutional protection against compelled speech, whereas the situation in Australia and the UK is even worse. In Australia, there is no explicit or implied constitutional protection for freedom of expression, nor right against compelled speech beyond narrow common law limits. In 2012, the Australian High Court ruled that tobacco companies could be forced into government prescribed standard packaging and intrusive health warnings, which is obviously compelled speech. Under RIPA in the UK you can be forced to hand over encryption keys, which in itself is also a form of compelled speech.

Australia Outlaws Warrant Canaries - Schneier on Security

Australia Outlaws Warrant Canaries

Rights are almost non-existent in Australia. Like the UK, rights are drawn from the common law - which means they are essentially subject to judicial interpretation relative to various common law tests; such as laws that are "reasonably appropriate and adapted for the functioning of a representative democracy".

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Now I can't say if that was legal or not under the Australian Law or other similar laws yet to come in, but it does show that a little bit of thought can give you a great deal of "expression without vocalization" or written word and importantly in a non inflamitory way that stops you making a target of yourself and thus encoraging the authorities using that as a further charge / avenue of attack against you..

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