And eating ice cream off paper plates is one of them.

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"The first appearance of ice cream in America is not known, but the first report of any sort indicating its presence in the colonies is a letter, written by a guest of Governor William Bladen of Maryland, which states: '...we had dessert no less Curious; among the Rarities of which it was Comnpos'd was somefine Ice Cream which, with the Strawberries and Milk, eat most Deliciously.' So far as is known, the first public advertisement of ice cream anywhere in the world was paid for by Philip Lenzi, a confectioner, who announced in the New York Gazette of May 12, 1777, that his ice cream 'may be had almost every day.' It can be assumed that ice cream was gaining a toehold in New York during the 1780s, because other ads began appearing in the New York papers.

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There was never any egg, and therenever was any cream." Auster also insisted a glass, not a paper cup, and ice-cold milk were basicto the success of a good egg cream.

A slice of ice-cream cake made with mousse mixture and ordinary ice cream,presented in a small pleated paper case.

(2) Book is online, courtesy of the Biblioteque Nationale]Our survey of historic USA newspapers suggests the ice cream flavor "rum raisin" became popular during the 1930s.

Our survey of historic newspapers, academic journals, ice cream history books, and trade association texts returns no mention of Bosio.

This probably explains my unhealthy obsession with ice-cream

392-3)"The first substantial piece of writing on ice cream was an anonymous 84-page manuscript entitled which, through watermarks in the paper, has been dated "circa 1700." It is a "how to" work of some sophistication, giving detailed instructions for the preparation of such delights as apricot, voilet, rose, chocolate, and a caramel ice creams and water ices.

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"Most consumers view ice cream as a luxury purchase, a small indulgence, and are somewhat more price-elastic," said Eric Katzman, food analyst for Deutsche Bank."
---"Ice Cream Makers Shrink 'The Brick'," John Curran, Associated Press Writer, November 18, 2002