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Health Inequalities in Australia

3 pages in length. Healthcare in Australia is rationed in the market justice and social justice system because there is a significant rift between social and economic status. When one considers such concepts as poverty, welfare, racism, social structure and stratification, social inequality, functional theory and conflict theory as they relate to healthcare, one gains a considerably better perspective of how greed and lack of social conscience reflect the primary implication of inequalities in Australia's population. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

,g the Gap of health inequalities between Indigenous and nonindigenous Australians

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In respect to the ever increasing in longevity and growth of population, healthcare delivery has become a challenging matter. This confrontation may attribute to the government’s policy on healthcare delivery and the inaccessibility of healthcare facilities by some underprivileged groups. In Australia, a number of individuals are subjected to different kinds of socio-economic disadvantages such as low social status, unemployment, remoteness, and communication barrier that prevent them from the access proper healthcare services. In recognising these social factors, various health promotion approaches are developed to improve the existing conditions and reduce the health inequality. These socio-economical factors and approaches are being discussed.

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This 7 page paper looks at the issue of health inequality in Australia for the Aboriginal and Torres Island people, discussing the degree with which it is a symptom of former colonialism. The way in which the inequality arises is examined and one of the projects attempting to reduce the inequality is outlined. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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