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That it meant, that it means, and, by the blessing of God, that it shall meanto the end of time!

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Many sites posted guides to protecting yourself now that it's happened. But if you want to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, your only solution is government regulation (as unlikely as that may be at the moment).

Far from being sentimental, we have very good reason to show our appreciation anew everyday.

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The characters, Pangloss, Cunegonda, and the Baron all represent traits such as folly, snobbery, and narrow mindedness and are somehow resurrected throughout the story.

They both deal with a young protagonist trying to accept their fate in their respective societies.

When we look at what the right-to-die movement has achieved, against what it has wished to do, an honest person would agree that there is still a long, long way to go. The first signs of organized activity on this issue came in the late 1930s in Britain, but nothing really happened until the 1970s when the public -- the non-medical world -- woke up with a shock to the fact that we often die differently nowadays compared to our ancestors.

The Olmec carved ceremonial heads that meant a lot to their culture representing their gods.

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The next quote where Vonnegut addresses the after effects of war is, “Billy is spastic in time, has no control over where he is going next and the trips aren’t necessarily fun” (29)....

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However, assuming that the government is a benign entity involved in our best interest, you might say that giving up some of our liberty to the government would be a reasonable trade for the security of ourselves and our families against both external and internal threats.

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Billy visiting random little moments of his life could just be a sign that, because the war affected him so strongly, that he is having trouble letting go.

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(29) As stated above, the time travel aspect of this novel is simply a metaphor of how Billy Pilgrim is struggling with letting go of his past and the above quote demonstrates this completely.

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Yes, the government is in charge of its own civilians but when the innocent lives’ are being threatened by illicit violence, negotiation is the last option....

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The best way parents can help their children is not by motoring what they do in the internet but by having good communication with their kids and by teaching them values and morals because their kids will encounter dangers wherever they go and parents can’t be with them all the time....

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According to the United States history, in the year of 1985, the event called Iran –Contra Affair was the most controversial event to argue about it because it highlighted how the government validated the terrorist’s strategy and granted them their demands.