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Dennis unveiled his Systems for Savings ("SFS") program that night. Dennis was selling the LamCo system for $10,000 apiece. It qualified for Carter’s Renewable Energy Source Tax Credit, so the federal government was subsidizing $4,000 of the purchase price. The remaining $6,000 balance could be paid for from proven energy savings. At that time, in that region, the electricity and gas/oil curve had the system paying for itself if it only got a COP of two. Dennis found another rocket ship. He sold 280 systems that night, and sold 300 systems in two months. Dennis thought it was good enough to get the county dealership free from the clutches of the thief who stole his last company. Mr. East Coast Distributor was at the show. Although he was cool with Dennis at their lunch meeting, he dropped his poker face after the show. He begged Dennis to be his partner for the East Coast, and admitted that LamCo had not even sold 20 systems on the entire East Coast during the previous three years. The dealers he sold usually only sold the system they got with the dealership before they went out of business. Mr. East Coast Distributor had sold nearly as many dealerships as systems. Three hundred in one county in two months was not a bad start.

The General Electric Research Laboratory responsibility is confined strictly to laboratory work and reports

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There was a newborn and evolving science of making the LamCo-style heat pump work properly, which was being discovered by trial-and-error in the field. Air-to-air heat pumps were about at the appliance level of development, being relatively easy to install, although their performance was poor. The plant manager was not going to admit to Dennis that electric companies were the marketing conduit for heat pumps, as selling a heat pump usually meant replacing or complementing something that burned fossil fuels, so the heat pump was usually a way for the electric companies to expand their market into fossil fuel territory. A COP of two doubled the efficiency of the electricity used, so it could compete with fossil fuels in certain markets. A COP of six would mean only one unit of electricity used for six units of heat farmed from the environment. That is not much electricity, and in an all-electric state like Washington, replacing an electric heater with a LamCo-style heat pump would mean an 83% decline in electric consumption for heating. In Washington, that was a lot more conservation than the electric companies had in mind, though it would take Dennis year to understand that, and he learned the hard way.

(Havens, Jiusto, Vonnegut, 1978, pp. 7-8)A history of early cloud seeding produced by General Electric Company says:

If you were an electronics experimenter, engineer, or hobbyist in the 1950s, and were eager to learn about transistors and actually build a construction project using these newly invented devices, it’s likely you read one of Paul’s pioneering articles. Beginning in 1954, and continuing through 1958, Paul had more than 70 articles on transistors published in electronics industry publications.

On 27 December 1950, the General Electric Company announced that it wouldno longer enforce its patents on weather modification methods.

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General Electric provided suchresources to Langmuir and Vonnegut, and General Electric managementwas able to quickly arrange contracts with the U.S. Military.

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In the movie , the Seven Dwarfs worked in a gem mine, and at day's end they happily marched home, singing their song. Dopey was the last one out. He shut the door, locked it, and left the key on a peg next to the door. The Big Eight was as valuable in protecting the public’s interest as that door was in protecting the gem mine. I did not completely figure it out until the price tag of many billions of dollars was announced immediately after George Bush the Frist was elected in 1988. Bush's son Neil was on the board of Silverado Savings in Denver, and helped ride it into the ground to the tune of $1 billion taxpayer dollars, and the S&L scandal was kept quiet until Bush was elected.

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employees of industrial corporations, becauseresearch scientists employed by major for-profit corporations(e.g., Langmuir and Vonnegut at General Electric Company)are often prolific authors.

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However, commercial cloud seeders are small for-profit companiesthat can not afford to engage in basic research(i.e., these small companies can not afford to do what General Electric did in 1946in sponsoring Langmuir's and Vonnegut's work on cloud seeding,nor what Bell Telephone Laboratories did in other areas of science and engineering).