Differences in Gender Communication

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Gender Differences in Communication

Although these two authors suggest a general agreement on ways in which men and women differ, not everyone agrees with them. In particular, it is critical to understand that even if there may be average tendencies in the directions they suggest, these generalizations certainly do not apply to all men and all women. There are certainly some men who would fit the communication characteristics described here as common to women, and there are certainly some women who would fit the characteristics described here as common to men. As in other characteristics we have discussed in this course, it may be more useful to understand that different people may have different ways of communicating, than to assume that all women communicate one way and all men communicate another way.

With four different generations working together it is clear that each group has their own preference for communication.

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Experience that varies with culture, class etc.

Gender differences in communicating?
Wood, Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender and Culture: women -interpersonal meaning; men: status
relations towards others: F: similarities between interlocutors, M: competitiveness, independence (Chodorow, 1978)
Women are expected to use communication to enhance social connections and relationships, while men use language to enhance social dominance (Leaper, 1991; Mulac, Bradac, & Gibbons, 2001).

The impact of gender differences in communication styles and the impact of these differences on relationships are also discussed.

sex (biological)

Maccoby and Jacklin,
The Psychology of Sex Differences,
gender differences established in only four areas

the gender similarity hypothesis
meta-analysis method shows that M and F are similiar on most psychological variables,
the role of context: math tests experiment (Spencer et al., 1999)
Deindividuation (Lightdale and Prentice: 1994)
dropping bombs experiment: aggression
EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY stance (Buss: 2011) similar adaptive problems; difference: mating and sexuality
Ekman and Friesen (1969) Primary sources of nonverbal communication
Henley‘s theory of correlation between nonverbal communication, status, and gender e.g.

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