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In Bacon's thought we encounter a relation between science andsocial philosophy, since his ideas concerning a utopian transformationof society presuppose an integration into the social framework of hisprogram concerning natural philosophy and technology as the two formsof the maker's knowledge. From his point of view, which wasinfluenced by Puritan conceptions, early modern society has to makesure that losses caused by the Fall are compensated for, primarily byman's enlargement of knowledge, providing the preconditions for anew form of society which combines scientia nova andthe millennium, according to the prophecy of Daniel 12:4 (Hill 1971,85–130). Science as a social endeavor is seen as a collectiveproject for the improvement of social structures. On the other hand, astrong collective spirit in society may function as a conditio sinequa non for reforming natural philosophy. Bacon's famousargument that it is wise not to confound the Book of Nature with theBook of God comes into focus, since the latter deals with God'swill (inscrutable for man) and the former with God's work, thescientific explanation or appreciation of which is a form of Christiandivine service. Successful operations in natural philosophy andtechnology help to improve the human lot in a way which makes thehardships of life after the Fall obsolete. It is important to note thatBacon's idea of a—to a certain extent—Christiansociety by no means conveys Christian pessimism in the vein ofpatristic thinkers but rather displays a clear optimism as the resultof compounding the problem of truth with the scope of human freedom andsovereignty (Brandt 1979, 21).

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Form is for Bacon a structural constituent of a natural entity or akey to its truth and operation, so that it comes near to natural law,without being reducible to causality. This appears all the moreimportant, since Bacon—who seeks out exclusively causes whichare necessary and sufficient for their effects—rejectsAristotle's four causes (his four types of explanation for a completeunderstanding of a phenomenon) on the grounds that the distributioninto material, formal, efficient, and final causes does not work welland that they fail to advance the sciences (especially the final,efficient, and material causes):

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