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11)"Besides the food associated with certain occasions there was luxury food which was servedwhenever it could be obtained and which was intended to delight and impress.

15/09/2011 · WASHINGTON -- With awareness growing about "food desert" communities locally, one area restaurant consortium is launching a new program aiming to …

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Dried meat and salted fish had fed American sailors, and these foods became a part of Hawaiian tradition--as pipikuala, the jerked beef that is broiled in tiny pieces and served with a sweet-sour cause, and as lomi lomi, thin fillets of salted salmon that some New Yorkers have described as better in its indigenous way than lox (smoked salmon) from their own favorite delicatessens.

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Lousiana's French colonists became Spanish subjects only forty years after the settlement of New Orleans, and for another four decades, until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Spanish tastes prevailed among the ruling Creoloe cooks...The hurried traveler in Louisiana is apt to get the impression that all the best food is traditional French in style, but as careful preservation of ancient architcture in the Vieux Carre also makes clear--Spaniards left several kinds of permanent changes in gastronomy.

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This is what the food historians say:
"'I think this is the most delicious pie I have ever eaten,' exclaimed Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in her 1942 kitchen narrative, ...Duncan Hines, the wandering hotel and restaurant scout from Kentucky, published an almost identical black bottom pie in his in the early 1940s, having found the dessert in a restaurant in Oklahoma City, but it isn't clear whether his discovery receded Mrs.

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Why call it cobbler?
Our dictionaries, word history books and food history reference sourcesgenerally agree the term cobbler, as it applies to a fruit dessert coveredwith rough biscuit dough, originated in the American west in the middle ofthe 19th century.

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Within a matter of years they had become a part of world trade...From the start, new animals and plants were introduced; cows, horses, and goats, and a bewildering variety of plants...Hawaiian food and haole food (the latter being the food of the white incomers) continued side by side with occasional input from the Chinese who also ended up on the islands...On ceremonial occasions, there would be luaus at which largely Hawaaian foods was served: poi, of course, and dried fish and shrimp, luau pig baked in the imu, seaweed, and taro leaves, and a dessert made of coconut milk thickened with Polynesian arrowroot...

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Saffron Cake and Potato-Caramel Cake topped the list of desserts...During the gold and siver rush of the 1860s,prospectors who had struck it rich liked any type of food, as long as it "cost a lot." Black-tie dinners in Virginia City sparkled with French Champagne that had crossed the ocean, rounded the Horn, and come over the Sierras from California.

In German, Blitzkrieg means lightning war (Blitz-Krieg).

Then I discovered that MacArthur's secret code had been broken by one of the best of San Francisco's food writers, Harvey Steinam, while working on his book, 'Great Recipes from San Francisco--Favorite Dishes from the City's Leading Restuarnats' (Tarcher, Los Angeles)."
---"Hot Fudge Poured Over a Rich Mud Pie for a Special Treat: Dessert Topped with Hot Fudge," Roy Andreis de Groot, , April 25, 1982 (p.