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Mitchell, William Frank. African American Food Culture. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2009.

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Sake bars and bubble tea cafés have begun popping up around the country, as have Asian-Mexican fusion food trucks serving such dishes as tacos loaded with Korean barbecued beef; Filipino burritos filled with chicken and pork adobo; pulled pork bahn mi; Japanese salmon sushi burritos; and kung pao chicken Chinese-Mexican tamales, nicknamed “chimales.” Whereas the recent
influx of Asian immigrants to the mainland United States has begun to alter
the mainstream American culinary landscape in remarkable ways, Asian immigration to Hawaii has had an even longer and more profound influence,
shaping the local diet into a unique hybrid of Asian, American, and native
Hawaiian food cultures to yield such fusion dishes as poke, Spam musubi,
and loco moco.

Bower, Anne, ed. African American Foodways: Explorations of History and Culture. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2007.

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“Soul food”, a type of cuisine associated with African Americans living in the south, is one of the aspects of black culture deeply appreciated by some people. “Soul food” includes fried chicken, BBQ, bacon, vegetables such as fried okra (with its edible seedpods), as well as candied yams (a vegetable similar to potatoes), cornbread, and collards. African Americans are definitely passionate about their food.

Soul food has become a popular cuisine not just among African Americans, but across different races and cultures in the country.

Along with the staples and animal sources, herbs also played a vital role in early Native American food. Many of the earliest forms of medicine were derived from these food sources as well. The Native Americans were masters at making poultices, teas, and herbal remedies. They used herbs and plants such as Peppermint, Spearmint, Clover, Sage, and Rosehips to make teas and other foods. Today’s society and culture owes much of what it has learned about food and the natural American resources to the early Native Americans.

These creations have transcended African American culture and have formed what we know as soul food today.

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While drive-in facilities such as those at fast- food restaurants, banks, pharmacies, and dry cleaners symbolize (1) Americans' business ingenuity, they also have contributed (2) to an increasing homogenization of our culture, (3) a willingness to depersonalize relationships with others, and (4) a tendency to sacrifice quality for convenience.

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They will be instructed to consider writing about one of the following topics: (a) discuss briefly what have you learned from the class; (b) would you regard American food as a product of American culture; and (c) try to relate what has been presented in the class to a personal experience that you went through.

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Furthermore, they will be asked if they consider a fast food restaurant to be impersonal or dehumanizing when compared to eating a meal at home.The remainder of class time will be devoted to informing students about the research project they will be assigned, the next meeting, and finding information about a particular food in American culture through the use of the Internet.

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Edited essay collections— and —demonstrate the diversity of scholarship about African American foodways and the interdisciplinary nature of food studies. and provide accessible overviews of African American food history, which will appeal to students as well as to a general audience, while and also survey the subject and include useful scholarly citations. makes a case for the centrality of food studies in African American history, arguing that the concept of race in the United States is built, in part, upon ideas about racially specific ways of eating. situates food studies in conjunction with other areas of academic inquiry, including African American studies.

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Food and music are not the only things black culture excels in. African Americans also know very well how to have fun and be happy. They know how to laugh, at each other as well as themselves. They love to sing in groups and spread the love, in private or even at times in public. It is apparent that this need to laugh and sing comes partly from the time during which the blacks were slaves in America. In those dark times, they probably sought refuge in laughter and music when there was nothing else to distract them from their situations.