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I think that the assumption that fashion is trivial is minimizing to the experience of being a woman. Feminism is about self-realizing consciously, in any way you see fit. Trust women.

There are more niches in fashion blogging than we could ever begin to cover, but its worthwhile to explore bloggers whose main tool is words, not photographs

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Can fashion be feminist? Yes, absolutely! I struggled with this question for years, and had the chance to ask Gloria Steinem about it. She told me something that I would never forget – that we can make greater changes to a structure from the inside than from the outside. She told me to stop denying who I am, and to go for it.

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Lisa is right. And also, unisex clothing needed! Fashion choices for women over 40: Britney or grandma! What about those of us who like to look a bit masculine but still fashionable?

07/07/2016 · One fashion blogger with Egyptian heritage decided to shoot for her blog in Egypt. This is what she learned in the process.

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Yeah, fashion is a highly class-based affair as well! I see blogs advising on “the latest season” or “replace everything after five years” and I laugh. For a fat woman, clothes are either moderately priced and extremely flimsy, or extremely expensive and have to last forever. And second-hand? Forget about it!