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EurekAlert! provides embargoed and breaking science news you can't afford to miss.

Below are some sample classification essay topics:

So satirical essay topics and their content differ from other essays in their choice of topic and more importantly, in the way it tackles the topic. You should remember that the structure of a satirical essay is more than likely to be identical to any number of other essays. A satirical essay will have an introduction, some main paragraphs and a conclusion. If you ask someone '', make sure that person follows this rule.

EurekAlert! offers a one-stop science news distribution service you can trust.

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EurekAlert! is a service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

You have already been advised to go over the top when making your essay topic selection. Having done so, it is important that you match your writing with the topic. If you choose an outrageous topic, your writing must follow in similar vein. Anyone reading the title of your satirical essay should not be let down by what follows with the content. If you make some over-the-top statement in your topic, you must follow-up with over-the-top writing.

Ex: Tourists in Hawaii can enjoy three water sports: snorkeling, surfing, and sailing.

And this list is far away of being complete!

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One of the main tips when choosing a satirical essay topics is to choose those which allow you to go, shall we say, over-the-top. The more ridiculous, the more outrageous the issue you wish to satirize the better. Not only will your essay be marked according to its structure and content, it will be marked according to the amount of satire it engenders. So, in looking for satirical essay topics, put no restriction on your search boundaries. You can find tons of writing ideas for satirical essays.

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