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Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used.

There are three options that are available in this situation. The first is to run the waste pipe through the conservatory roof; this is achieved by using a lead flashing kit to ensure that the hole in the glass is made water tight. The pipe that is viewable from inside of the conservatory is then boxed in plastered over.

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You need not hang up the ivy branch over the wine that will sell.—

Hi Thomas,
For all of our Bordeaux varieties, the pH, acids have all been pretty normal. Sugar levels at 23-24 on red grapes, which is great for us, considering we always want to make a lower alcohol, elegant wine. Chardonnay grapes harvested in mid-September had slightly higher pH than usual. We aren’t sure if this is due to the Labor Day heat wave, or the fact that temperatures were only getting down into the low 60s/upper 50s at night in Russian River Valley.

To happy convents, bosomed deep in vines, Where slumber abbots, purple as their wines.

What happens to a grapevine during a heat wave is quite simple: the plant shuts down to protect itself. It is impossible for a vine to mature fruit at temperatures in the upper 90s and above. All the plants can do is protect themselves by shutting down respiration (the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide) and hope they can make it to the evening when it cools down. So, if the grapes are not fully ripe and ready to be harvested, rushing and picking them during a heat wave in harvest season is not the ideal approach since the grape flavors haven’t fully developed. Our grape growers always get anxious to pick when challenging weather conditions arise. My usual response is this: “You want to pick? We just finished veraison! Relax, my friend. Take care of the fruit through the heat and wait for the vines to work their magic…” With that much heat, the greater worry of a winemaker is not harvesting for sugar but harvesting for flavor.

A man may surely be allowed to take a glass of wine by his own fireside.

There is a devil in every berry of the grape.

Many forms of wooden, aluminium and pvc doors are easy to break in to; it is only in the past 2 years that residential door security has progressed to a much higher standard.

Wine is the first weapon that devils use in attacking the young

It is now widely regarded that the cylinder lock is potentially the weakest point of a door and is very easy to break into; this is why we recommend installing anti-snap cylinder locks which protect against the following:

Wine ... cheereth God and man.

"The last time that I trusted a dame was in Paris in 1940. She was going out to get a bottle of wine. Two hours later, the Germans marched into France."

Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach

"Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet, because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool, you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me..."

The best use of bad wine is to drive away poor relations.

The simple answer is that it never seems like the right time to replace a door; they are an expensive item and we can always think of a better use for the money; however there are many reasons why you should ‘bite the bullet’ and replace them sooner than you would have liked.

I like best the wine drunk at the cost of others.

[A woman in taffeta is seen lighting candles for a formal dinner for two. She sits down at the table, lifts a wine glass and toasts an imaginary guest. Dining alone, in style, is used as a metaphor for loneliness and even madness.] Georgia Dullea.