In "The Nun's Priest's Tale", ..

In the Nun and Priest's tale, a story of never trusting a flatterer is told.

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In "Chaucer's Retraction," which appears at the end of The Canterbury Tales (Norton 311), Chaucer not only apologizes for several of his secular works, he also goes so far as to revoke them, and ask for forgiveness for such work...

Two of the pilgrims and their tales will be discussed: the Prioress and the Pardoner.

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I hope that this recounting of Will-Yam’s growth brings back memories of your own. All I can tell you is that children don’t remain children very long. That should come as no surprise to any of you. All of my five grandsons are good fellows. Will-Yam is no exception but he has been tainted by my story of the lobsters climbing the trees when this country was discovered. My guess is that he may well have repeated this story to his teachers, which should have earned him an A+.

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The Merchant’s entire personality is later revealed in his Prologue and Tale, as it is made evident of his cynical and pessimistic outlook, making him less respectful....

The Prioress is one character that appears differently than her tale reveals....

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By modern standards, it hardly seems the “merry tale” the Parson promises his audience, and after the liveliness of much of the rest of the Tales, it appears to close the work not with a bang, but a whimper.

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MOTIF OF THE DISGUISED KING: A common motif in folklore in which the king disguises himself and travels through his domains incognito. Examples include Prince Hal/Henry V in Shakespeare's plays, in which the king dons a cloak to obscure his features and then walks among his troops to converse with them and get a sense of their morale before battle. In Greek epics, Odysseus returns to his kingdom of Ithaca in disguise and skulks among the suitors to gather intelligence toward the end of The Odyssey. In The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn is the rightful king of the west, but he remains disguised as the homeless and impoverished Strider. See also the , below.

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Aragorn has many of the marks of a mythical "hidden king" and true hero. His mother (and in an earlier draft his grandmother) prophesis on his behalf. At moments of drama a white flame appears on his brow. He loves a princess of the Elves. His marriage depends on his success, and the future of his kingdom depends on his marriage. He is supported and advised by a powerful otherworldly woman, Galadriel, and he carries tokens of his heritage and destiny (Andúril, the Elfstone). The last sapling of the White Tree of Gondor flowers to herald his marriage, and he is crowned in Gondor by Gandalf, the hierophant in the story. . . . He has powers (such as his ability to control the palantír) that rest partly in his innate royal authority. (see "Aragorn" entry in Drout 23)

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She and the others who play Sister have their own way of returning thanks. After every performance, the actress playing Sister takes a collection, with the donations going to local convents to help retired nuns.

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How Chaucer uses the group of people to express and portray the image of what 12th century English society looked like, and how the society was back then .In the Canterbury tales, Chaucer creativity and humorously provides a cross-section of 12th century English society though the group of pilgrims....