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The Somme was only really put into action to ease pressure on the French at the battle of Verdun.

What If Japan Had Won The Battle of Midway

The Navy League and The Report Card announce the third Annual Francesca Stencil Korach Midway Essay Contest. The contest is open to high school students in Florida, Georgia and by special request, The University of Chicago Laboratory School. Last year’s winner, Steven Glick was from Chicago.

The carrier battle ofMidway, one of the decisive naval battles in history, is well documented.

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was indeed responsible for the Army's adoption of the saber, displaying those considerable powers of single mindedness, will, dedication, and zeal that made him such an effective maneuver combat general three decades later in North Africa and Europe.

For the 7th Cavalry, battle control of the troops was accomplished by written messages.

Nothing, that is, except
the tension, the electric tension of men waiting for an enemy to make his move.
On Midway's two main islands, Sand and Eastern, 3,632 United States Navy and
Marine Corps personnel, along with a few Army Air Force aircrews, stood at
battle stations in and near their fighters, bombers, and seaplanes, waiting for
the Japanese attack they had been expecting for weeks.

6/7 Prizes awarded on 7 June, 2014 at the Battle of Midway Dinner Marriot Renaissance World Golf Village St. Augustine, FL

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Miller has focused his biography of Dulles, primarily, from the early to mid-1940s, when Allen Dulles, whose agency designation was , was posted to Switzerland by General William (Wild Bill) Donovan (aka, Agent 109), head of the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) (Messenger, 2015).
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The roar of the crowd, the crack of a wooden bat on a ball, the deep emerald green grass of the field, our national pastime of baseball has had a profound effect upon countless American youths over the years.

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Amidst all this blood and carnage of war, some individuals arise who are seemingly able to overcome all the pain and horror that combat inflicts upon them.

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(Ellison 939) These insightful words written by Ralph Ellison in the powerful short story "Battle Royal," which later became the first chapter in the critically acclaimed novel Invisible Man, convey the repressed desires of the maligned African American spirit, in an age of oppression ruled by ignorance and fear....

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31 Radio School (RS) outside of Clinton—a top secret facility reflecting Great Britain’s determination to continue the struggle against the Axis regardless of the outcome of battles in Europe.

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Yamamoto’s assessment for forces at Midway was based on scanty intelligence and misinformation after the battle at Coral Sea where the Japanese believed the Yorktown to be sunk....

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Using Midway as bait and gathering a
vast naval armada of eight aircraft carriers, 11 battleships, 23 cruisers, 65
destroyers and several hundred fighters, bombers and torpedo planes, Yamamoto
planned to crush the Pacific Fleet once and for ...