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In the year 2000, after having had two children I finally obtained my GED. In 2011 my son started high school and he asked me “Mom, why dont you go back to school?” I never thought I’d have time plus I didnt think was smart enough to pass any type of college courses. I have worked low wadge and dead end jobs all my life, but I am now in search to change my life and rewarding career path. I am now 40 years old and are taking my last courses to complete all the prerequisite required to obtain my associates. A dream of mine would be to receive a bachelor degree in social work from the University Missouri Saint Louis. My son is now in college and I would love to show him and my other children that if I can do it they can too. I could only pray for a finical blessing in the form of a scholarship so that I can continue on with my educational endeavors.

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My heart does melt, just a little, for those boys who remind me of the child I once was: chubby, bespectacled and eccentric, with little hope of being noticed by the prettiest girl in my class, when there were plenty of taller, sportier boys for her to choose between. I get a glimpse, through them, of the prototype Michael I was back then; so ardent, so innocent, so misguidedly hoping that doing well in my Latin test might make Clara Delaville notice me, just once. One of the absolute highlights of my Windlesham career was being assigned, with her, to ring all the bells between lessons for a whole term. So Clara was obliged to talk to me, like it or not. These days, the bells are automated. They even ring, they say, throughout the holidays. So though a little romance may have been lost along the way, even the empty ghost school runs to time.

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My name is Marian and I am wanting to go back to school to better my life for my family, however the funds are not there. I have a 3.84 GPA and I am a wonderful student and work very hard in school. I have a true passion for the medical field.
Being able to give my family a better life would make a world of a difference for us that words could not explain!!
Without a doubt I know that I would make myself, professors, and family very proud if I got a scholarship that gave me an opportunity to be able to make our dreams come true! God Bless.

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What may set me aside from others, is that I had/have a vocation as a colon hydro-therapist and am back in a junior college taking business courses so I can start a successful business with a good foundation. I have not worked since 2008 (except for a couple of months) and am a woman of 59 years. I left my job in Puerto Rico because I had a bad car accident and hurt my back. My savings was spent on alternative care and my back is healthy now. My sister, my father, and my brother all passed recently. I believe the total S.S. benefits I will receive when I am of age is less than $300 to date! I have lived in my car, and mostly couch surfed these past years. I did live with my father when I cared for him as he passed. With my school grant I was able to rent a room/trade for awhile. I am currently living in a tool shed behind a house. My FAFSA mainly went to keep my vehicle legal and supply me with gas money to school. My grade point average as of now is 4.0! I enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College in Business courses since Spring 2012. I would have gone for an AA and possibly continued onto a 4 year college, but instead had to go for my Small Business Management Certificate because I would not receive continued Federal Funding due to the criteria. I had attended the junior college in the 70’s and 80’s as a single mom and had problems keeping up in school during those years. I will receive my certificate upon completing another 9 units of business courses. I saved the hardest for last because I had been out of school for so many years. I may have to spread them out over 2 semesters, if possible, because there is alot of math involved. It is extremely rare to find a job giving colonics. I will have to start my own business. My credit is poor since I lived off of 2 credit cards for awhile when I had no income. I have approx. $7,000 in debt. This schooling is my only hope. Please let me know if I am eligible for any scholarships. I was 1!! day late to sign up for scholarships through my college! I did not know other scholarships besides the Federal were available to me. Thank you for viewing this rather lengthy bio. Actually writing this out has helped me put all this into perspective so that I might apply wherever possible, hoping I am not too late for next semester. I know I will also have to apply for grants to get business started, as well. Thank you very much from someone who really has no resources at the moment. But, I do have faith!
Thank you,
Penny Yoas

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Your head may be spinning from trying to figure out how you will focus on getting the money you need for school. As a woman who is returning to school, you have a number of opportunities out there. Now you just need to get organized in order to figure out where to start, how to get the applications completed and start earning the money you need to make your dreams of going back to school a reality.

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Yes, I really am thinking about returning to Britain to teach. I want to make a contribution. I want to work in a team of fellow strivers, rather than measuring out the gaps between Nespressos with staring at a solitary screen. I want a rich and stimulating life. I don’t mind not earning very much. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I would also love my daughters – currently at our local school in France – to be able to experience the kind of wonderful British schooling that I was privileged to enjoy. By my calculations, if I were to become a teacher, sell my aircraft, sell the sheep and send Digby, Pike and Cat out to work, we might almost be able to afford it. As long as we give up wine, and do not eat.