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Mark Rothko, Untitled (Black on Gray) (1969-70), via Ben Richards for Art Observed

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In closing, can I thank Andrew Short, our QC, and Lydia Seymour, our junior barrister, as well as Ivan Walker who has helped us navigate our way through these complex issues and made these reports understandable to our officials and members.

Nate Lowman, Trash Landing Marilyn #12, (2011), via Ben Richards for Art Observed

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According to Phillips, it was a “competitive atmosphere,” but the results were nevertheless predictable, based on both the young and classic works offered. Phillips maintained that they had predominantly American and European bidding, as well as minimal Asian bidding, but no buying.

Andy Warhol, Nine Gold Marylins (Reversal Series) (1980), via Ben Richards for Art Observed

In order to ensure that as many members as possible are in receipt of this communication from the union before the trials cease, the Executive Council has determined that all work in connection with broadening the responsibilities of the fire service and the firefighter shall cease from and including Monday 18 September 2017.

Roy Lichtenstein, Woman with Peanuts (1962), via Ben Richards for Art Observed

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Our QC pointed out that as a matter of law, recently decided by the Supreme Court, that’s not right. You have to show that the same sort of provision, criterion or practice causes one category of member to be disadvantaged, but if the advantaged and disadvantaged categories have a statistically significant gender or race imbalance, you do not have to show why. The employer has to justify the provision, criterion or practice.

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It is also possible that the EAT will refer our case to the Court of Justice of the European Union for clarification of one issue of European law: if a discriminatory provision is introduced for political reasons, what evidence must the Government offer to justify it, and how should the court balance the political need against the damage that it does to employees who are discriminated against?

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Trust Academy´s current mission statement affirms the Business and Secretarial School´s belief that with the right combination of challenge and support, every student has the potential to succeed, to seize opportunities and to shape their own destiny. To this end Trust Academy is registered and licensed to offer a wide range of business related course that will ensure that you will achieve or reach your destiny.
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Everyone knows that the transitional protections discriminate on the grounds of age. The Government has admitted that. Everyone knows that the discrimination is direct discrimination – you win or lose just because of your age, not because you fail to meet some other criterion which, as it happens, turns out to be linked to age.

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Direct age discrimination is unusual because unlike direct discrimination on the grounds of sex, race or other protected characteristics which can never be justified, direct age discrimination can be. It is permitted in European law and also in UK law, but the tests are different: