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Racial and Gender Inequality is Harming Long-Term …

The occurrence of actions and attitudes that impose a sense of one being less equal than another on the basis of one’s race in Canada’s workplace inhibits both our nation’s ability to move forward as well as strengthen unification within our country.

America elected Barack Obama as its president, allowed certain months to represent cultural awareness, and immigration numbers augmented.

Racial and Gender Inequality is Harming Long ..

Douglas Baynton (2013) argues that disability is the most dominant justification for inequality in gender, race and ethnicity as well as for rationalizing and legitimizing discriminatory practices organized in law.

Then I will present an argument that quotas will not work as the sole solution to racial inequality....

And this inequality affects the people in more ways than buying power; it also affects education, life expectancy, living conditions and possibly happiness.

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It is common to find that individuals in the lower quintile of the population are greatly affected by income inequality, not only because they receive a small amount of total income, but they don’t have the necessary resources to develop themselves, both academically and personally....

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To contrast the positive and negative impacts of neoliberalism Huber and Solt have taken into account five indicators: growth, economic stability and absence of volatility, poverty, inequality and quality of democracy (Huber and Solt 151).

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I will argue that the political economy perspective better allows us to fully grasp the “urban question” where society and space mutually encompass each other and allow us to better explain and address urban inequality.

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Second, I will write on the ecological school’s view of the “urban” question and how their vista explains but inadequately addresses urban inequalities....

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One man decided to take a stance and raise a voice to nation, not only is he able to make a positive change to the nation, but he is also able to revolutionize the equality among the races because he knew everyone deserved a chance at the pursuit of happiness....

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Evidence from a panel dataset using an OLS regression confirms the presence of the Kuznets’ inverted-U hypothesis for developed economies, indicating that there is a negative relationship between income per capita and income inequality.