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GENITIVE: A in any (i.e. heavily inflected) language that indicates possession. In many Old English singular nouns, an -es declension attached to the end of that noun would indicate the genitive case. For instance, in the phrase "Godes wrath" (God's wrath), the -es indicates that the word wrath belongs to God. That ancient -es genitive declension survives today in fossilized form as the apostrophe followed by the letter s. For instance, the boy's ball. The use of the apostrophe is the result of a Renaissance misunderstanding. See for more information.

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GHOST STORY: Any liteary or folklore narrative dealing with supernatural beings that return from the dead to haunt the living. Ghost stories appear in the traditions of a wide number of peoples and places including Amerindian and Polynesian tribes, the Middle East and Asia, and Europe. They may date back to prehistoric times and even today remain popular on " reality" television series, in horror films, and in online . Ghost stories are often told with the explicit or implicit goal of evoking fear, , and "goosebumps" in the listener. Many are ghost stories. Anthropologists suggest that, as is true with the current fascination with zombie apocalypse narratives, the fear implicit in a ghost story may originate in the instinctive revulsion and dismay humans (and many other animal species) feel when confronted with a dead body of their own species. Fear of and revulsion toward such dead bodies is a survival trait--obviously something dangerous to one's species--a predator, a poison, or a pathogen--killed the dead body. So, a strong desire to avoid the body and the surrounding area (i.e, a feeling of nausea or terror) would encourage others to keep their distance. The creators of ghost stories rely intentionally or unintentionally on this instinctive reaction toward the dead as one of the emotional engines to shape a reaction in their audience. Contrast with ghost characters, above.

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: In Welsh poetry such as the strict meters (), a common technique to fill out the necessary syllables in a line is to add a gair llanw, a parenthetical word or phrase--often functioning much like an in Greek literature.

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At the time that all of these texts were written social norms determined that a woman’s place was in the home, meaning that women were expected to be housewives and mothers (Prescott and Giorgio). The...

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