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Helped to set up the breakaway Photo-Secession in 1902, and with Edward Steichen founded the Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession (later called "291", after its address at 291 Fifth Avenue, NYC).

Paper instructions:Analyze the photo attached. You must us that photo!!! It is called flat iron by Edward Steichen.

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Although these garments are distinguished by bright colours; elaborate beading or embroidery; sharp angles and rich fabrics, there is a sense in which even the most fabulous dress needs to be ‘completed’ by its wearer. This addition of the human element is what makes Steichen’s photos so much more vivid than any stand-alone item of clothing. His breakthrough was to treat each fashion shoot as a portrait, often using celebrities as models.

Edward Steichen, Lee Miller wearing a black tulle evening dress by Lelong ; black satin pumps by Delman and jewels by Marcus, st

Beginning with exclusive representation of Sally Mann in 1989, Edwynn Houk Gallery has acted as the sole agent for a select group of leading contemporary photographers, including Robert Polidori, Lalla Essaydi, Annie Leibovitz and Abelardo Morell.

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Known for his still-lifes, portraits and architectural photography, notably his shots of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

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Otto Steinert (1915-78)
German art photographer, curator and teacher and one of the most influential figures in post-war German photography.

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Steichen brought the same personality-based approach to bear in his fashion photos, choosing models with a certain spark that complemented the clothing. His favourite was Marion Morehouse, whose expressive face radiates intelligence and wry humour. Morehouse was an actor and photographer in her own right, and is sometimes referred to as the first supermodel. She didn’t belie her clever looks, going on to marry E.E. Cummings, the smartest and sexiest voice in modern American poetry.

It is called flat iron by Edward Steichen

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Negli anni venti e trenta, Steichen creò un nuovo stile della fotografia di moda, che fino ad allora era stata un’incoerente e pittorica espressione, non al passo con la filosofia modernista sostenuta dagli stessi stilisti attratti dalle avanguardie del tempo. L’esposizione diretta di Steichen alle nuove correnti artistiche a livello internazionale e la sua naturale ed eclettica inclinazione lo resero l’ideale interprete della moda nel mondo della fotografia. Il suo stile innovativo, dettagliato ed illuminato ha rivoluzionato la fotografia di moda ed è ancora oggi presente nelle fotografie dei suoi discendenti quali George Hoyningen-Huene, Horst p. Horst, Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe e Bruce Weber.

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