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lapse of airport security is the tragedy on 9/11.

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And before the WTC bombing, there were no Al-Qaeda attacks in the US. Just because nothing has happened after 9/11 doesn't mean that our airport security measures are working. What it does mean, though, is that this uncertainty doesn't come cheap.

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Let's assume people live to an average of 80 years old. 80 years * 365.25 days/year (accomodates leap years) * 24 hours per day = 701,280 hours per life. Now, from page 30 of we get that from January-September of 2005 there was just over 410 million passengers. Assuming everyone arrived about an hour earlier than they otherwise would to allow time for the 'security' screening process, which has been basically advised ever since 9/11, some 584 lifetimes were wasted waiting in line in the first 9 months of 2005. Extrapolate that out and something nicely over 2000 lifetimes have been wasted waiting in line.

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2) I also at one time thought that the enemy would switch to bombing our numerous soft targets in the face of post-9/11 air security measures. This hasn't happened. Maybe our police and intelligence are infiltrating cells and intercepting plots successfully, but I suspect that al Qaeda's failure to blow up our malls, theaters, universities, etc. is due to their own perceived objectives and constraints. There is a reason they keep coming back to the air transport system.

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At least the typical terrorists are somewere between idiot level and medium competence level at best. Even the 9/11 terrorists nearly got caught several times and only the incompetence on the other side saved their mission. For example one elementary mistake they made was noticeable disinteresst in landing a plane, which I would count as a beginners mistake in camouflage design. After all this is one of the two most important manouvres with an airplane. Individuals like the Unabomber seem to be the very rare exception, combining partial insanity and a high competence level.

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It might be more effective to point out, for example, that the TSA aids the terrorists' efforts with each intrusive reactive hassle they (inconsistently) impose on travelers. Mohammed Atta and his gang of Islamo-fascist thugs ended their plot on 9/11 and are safely roasting in Hell, but their mass disruption continues to this day at checkpoints that might as well be their everlasting memorials. The London plotters failed to even come close to blowing up any airplanes, and will spend the rest of their lives rotting and forgotten in a British prison. But they have nonetheless spectacularly succeeded in permanently inflicting on millions of passengers every day stupid rules and restrictions that even the TSA acknowledges is a "pain point." And should some other terrorists (or terrorist-wannabees) attempt a new tactic, even unsuccessfully or implausibly, we can count on the TSA to react with a new and permanent boneheaded impediment to travel.

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The plane landed at the Tri-Cities Airport, which serves eastern Tennessee, southwestern Virginia and western North Carolina, and the passengers were being questioned by the FBI after leaving the plane, a Transportation Security Administration official said.

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Today, we can project indomitability by rolling back all the fear-based post-9/11 security measures. Our leaders have lost credibility; getting it back requires a decrease in hyperbole. Ditch the invasive mass surveillance systems and new police state-like powers. Return airport security to pre-9/11 levels. Remove swagger from our foreign policies. Show the world that our legal system is up to the challenge of terrorism. Stop telling people to report all suspicious activity; it does little but make us suspicious of each other, increasing both fear and helplessness.