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They might have been from the shallow end of the criminal gene pool, but their nemesis was just as troubling to their professional counterparts. As the eighties gave way to the nineties, security systems caught up with the criminals once again. Banks and building societies were early adopters and saw the first decline in attacks. Security cameras, dye bags, time-delay locks on safes and doors, and the biggest and most invasive network of street CCTV cameras in the world have made robbery the preserve of the hapless and desperate amateur.

A quintessentially American crime declines: Robbing banks do

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For proper villains, the risk of getting caught now exceeds the potential gains in doing over a bank or post office. Unless you’re planning to remove several million pounds’ worth of diamonds from Heathrow (and have the means to get rid of them afterwards) there’s little point in bothering. Besides, there’s much more money to be made from drug trafficking and fraud, both of which carried (at least initially) lower sentences and which can be conducted safely out of public view. The Golden Age is a thing of the past and the professional bank robbers now wear rather different clothing. In the words of American banker William Crawford, ‘the best way to rob a bank is to own one.'

17/10/2016 · Accused Bank Robber Duped Dad Into Giving Her A Ride To ‘Job Interview': Police This isn’t the type of family togetherness Dad intended.

As people may imagine bank robbers have had to change their plans in order for them to get away with how they go about taking the money and having a successful getaway.

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