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Peeta's stylist for the Games. She works in tandem with Cinna.

One of the two sole District 12 citizens to have won the Hunger Games, and the only one surviving. As such, he serves as a mentor to his district's tributes. He is a heavy drinker, which makes him seem a buffoon to most, but once Katniss and Peeta impress him, he proves himself a rather adept mentor through establishing their unified front strategy. Though Katniss professes to despise him, she realizes through the novel that they are very much alike in their craftiness and ability to suppress their emotions.

An old woman who trades commodities at the Hob, the District 12 trading post.

This depends on what chapter you are referring to?

Katniss's stylist for the Games. Gentle and kind, and, in the early stages, one of the few people she trusts on her team. He helps realize Haymitch's unified front strategy by dressing Katniss and Peeta similarly. He also devises the "fire" theme that distinguishes Katniss as "the girl who was on fire."

Katniss believes that her actions will lead to her arrest or possibly her execution.

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Tributes from richer districts who have illegally trained in order to succeed in the Games. They willingly attend as competitors, and Katniss refers to them as "the Capitol's lapdogs." They include Clove, Glimmer, and Cato.

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The team of Capitol representatives responsible for designing the arena and manipulating it for entertainment effect. They are described as robed, privileged, and uninterested in the well-being of the tributes whose deaths they control.

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A female tribute from District 11, the second poorest district in Panem. She is 12 years old and Katniss associates her with Prim. They form an alliance in the Games, and Katniss is emotionally affected by her death, which is a major turning point in the novel.

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When all is done, they head back to District 12, and Katniss lets slip along the way that her affection was always for the cameras. Though not the entire truth, she is torn between her old identity as a poor hunter, and the more complex one she shaped through the Games. Peeta is heartbroken, but understands they must maintain an image as they prepare to present themselves to their district.

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They are fetched by the Capitol representatives, and separated for a long period of recovery. When they are brought out to the audience again, Haymitch warns Katniss that she needs to overplay the lovers angle as a defense for her threat to commit suicide, which the Capitol considers an act of rebellion. Over the period of fanfare that follows, she takes his advice, which makes Peeta, who actually does love her, very happy.