The action of the play is easy to follow and moves quickly.

Hamlet meets the Ghost of his father, King Hamlet and follows it to learn more...

The costumes, artistic design, and scenery are rich and beautiful.

Therefore, the risk that we'll fail to anticipate some of the consequences is increased.

4. How does Hamlet attain the status of a hero despite the fact that he kills the wrong man in a hasty act of revenge and delays going after Claudius again until forced to act just before his own death?

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There is sexual tension between Hamlet and Gertrude, his mother.

King Claudius instructs courtiers Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to find out what is causing Hamlet's strange "transformation," or change of character. Queen Gertrude reveals that only King Hamlet's death and her recent remarriage could be upsetting Hamlet.

The death throes of Gertrude, the Queen, may be disturbing to sensitive children.

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The director intended this and it is part of the interpretation of the play.


Other themes in the play include: decay and corruption; relationships between father and son; relationships between mother and son; friendship; romantic relationships; the corrupting influence of the desire for power; and the meaning and possibilities of stagecraft.

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Such a realization or a moral code would have stopped Hamlet from trying to kill Claudius until it was clear that there was no other way to rid Denmark of the King's corrupting influence.

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Very little in the Elsinore of "Hamlet" is what it seems.

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Put another way, Hamlet's tragic flaw was that he lacked the understanding or a system of ethics to tell him that revenge for the sake of revenge was wrong.

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Hamlet, however, is just a young kid thrust by events over which he has no control into the role of purifier of his society/avenger for the deaths of his father, mother and himself.