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For example:
the suppression of Battleship Potemkin in the 1930s by the BBFC to stop UK citizens from coming into contact with ideas about political revolution; the desire in the Video Nasty scare to prevent moral contamination
how China and Iran have sought to suppress political dissent through heavy control of the Internet This is seen as possible because a small group with an agenda control the media/ regulatory body and use this to promote their own ideas only and suppress those of others.

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The BBFC's regular surveys and reviews are a long way from Trevelyan's denial of accountability to the public; the Internet is Web 2.0, the people's media with its citizen journalis's and blogosphere.

Shakespeare Essays term papers (paper 3850) on Critical Analysis: Revenge in Hamlet: A mysterious ghost drives Hamlet to grudgingly avenge the death of his father.

What Lies Behind Us Essay Exclusive: The mainstream media is so hostile to challenges to its groupthinks that famed journalist Seymour Hersh had to take his take down of President Trumps.

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