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Floyd Hunter Injury Law is a premier team of Alabama personal injury lawyers, with over 80 years of combined experience, helping people get compensated when injured in a serious accident. Our lawyers are caring and compassionate with each and every client, and fierce and powerful when dealing with the insurance companies on our clients’ behalf.

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Bonnie – you are such a kind person for commenting on all of these stories and retelling your own. Although you experienced a terrible point in your life 18 years ago look at how many people you are helping now. I think this helps the healing process and helps us to make amends. 7 weeks ago I accidentally dropped my 3 week old son while carrying him which resulted in a skull fracture. We were told he doesn’t have brain damage but there is a chance he will require surgery in the future to repair the bone. The amount of guilt and anguish I experience on a daily basis is incredible and makes it even harder to put on a brave face and soldier through each day when I have to be there for him and provide for him. I can’t fall apart because he relies on me to take care of him, feed him, etc. I know that all of us here would do ANYTHING to go back in time and replay that moment over and over in our minds but I think you’ve unlocked the key to recovery which is helping others and being there for those who need you. Whether it’s the students who you talk to (I read in your other comments) or, for me, my son. Picking yourself up and trying to make a difference now reminds us that it is not too late. We can still bring positivity into this world and change other people’s lives FOR THE BETTER which is something many of us have forgotten is possible. Thank you so much for reminding us that we CAN heal and that it does get better.

As a CADI, I can only speak from my own experience, but at my accident, there were three witnesses who stayed and gave statements. I read them all, and they all exonerated me. The one woman stayed with me, let me sit in her car, just talking to me, much like you did. It kept me sane. I am quite certain you made a world of difference to your person too.