The daredevil cockroach into Sara's soup.

Theo's overworked computer  in a spray of sparks.

The curious toddler a grasshopper into her mouth.

“The White race is the cancer of the earth, and sooner or later simply must be removed”. – Barbara Lerner Spectre, Jewish “sociologist” and White-hating racist who runs a Jewish affairs Institute in Sweden – entirely at Swedish tax-payers’ expense.

Francisco's comic book collection  worth $20,000.00.

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As the Jews dispersed throughout the world, they found it harder and harder to maintain their unity because they became absorbed into nations that had not had this same experience of connection. Today the tribes of Israel are so scattered that they have become assimilated into the larger societies and have forgotten that their role is to connect, so as to again re-align themselves with nature’s template. In this state they would be worthy of emulation and admiration.

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*****What was missing from this presentation? The Orthodox Jewish advocates failed to mention that US and Talmud law are fundamentally incompatible.

Potato chips  too loudly to eat during an exam.

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There is no shortage of real problems in the city. Kids can be asked to help solve them in exchange for the respect and attention of the total adult world. Good for kids, good for all the rest of us. That's curriculum that teaches Justice, one of the four cardinal virtues in every system of elite education. What's sauce for the rich and powerful is surely sauce for the rest of us - what is more, the idea is absolutely free as are all other genuine reform ideas in education. Extra money and extra people put into this sick institution will only make it sicker.