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In the late 1990s, computer viruses were generally spread via the Internet,either in e-mail (e.g., a virus contained in a MicrosoftWord macro, or a worm contained in an attachment to e-mail)or in programs downloaded from a website.

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"Mainstream media may be under government control, but damaging leaks, disseminated via the Internet, continue to hamper Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. As insider rumors continue to spread that devastating leaks, serious enough to ruin the ruling party’s chances of re-election are still to be released, the idea of an “emergency” justifying an Obama administration employing their top-secret Internet killswitch and declaring martial law are not far fetched. The groundwork – including excuses and convenient scapegoats – has been prepared.

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The distribution of viruses via the Internet permitted a much morerapid epidemic, so that more computers could be infected in a shortertime than when floppy disks were used to spread the infection.

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My last search for case law on computer crime was in July 1997.
21 June 1999, revised 4 Sep 2002

My essay,which essay includes to websiteson computer viruses, computer crime, and related topics, plusa list of good books on computer crime.