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For those of us who learned only this American myth, it is hard to realize that we've been lied to.

There are so many stories left untold.

Examples of some prompts would be: " They are, in effect, still trapped in a history which they do not understand; and until they understand it, they cannot be released from it." - James Baldwin; "In this case, the danger, in the minds of most White Americans, is the loss of their identity." -James Baldwin from "My Dungeon Shook: Letter to my Nephew on the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Emancipation"; "I have no separate feeling about being an American Citizen and colored.

I will then reinvent the narrative of the West using literature, art, and film.

I teach in New Haven in a magnet school called the Sound School.

Denise Kimber Buell in ‘Early Christian Universalism and Modern Forms of Racism’ tackles a complex theme. Partly based upon a reading the Acts of the Apostles, she suggests that, although Christianity displays indications of inclusiveness because it accepts anyone into the faith as long as they convert, it is equally exclusive because of the fact that it ostracizes those who reject its message. She makes comparisons with the inherently exclusive nature of modern racism, which draws clear boundaries between one group and another, but argues that fluidity of boundaries does not mean exclusiveness cannot happen. However, it seems difficult to accept the idea of a racist early Christianity, certainly as argued by Buell, because the ethnic basis is simply not strong enough. She implies that early Christians offered an alternative form of Jewishness and therefore marginalized those Jews who did not convert. Interestingly, in view of the discussion of Christian exclusiveness, Jewish attitudes towards outsiders do not have their own essay in this volume.

I will delve into the "New Western History," as the true historical West is called.

To the south, where the Fraser River surges into the Gulf of Georgia, the land assumes a gentler cast. Strong rivers exit their mountain fastnesses and wind through a lowland plain before emptying into the great, rich estuary known as Puget Sound. Here it only seems to be as rainy as it is further north: the Olympic rampart catches most of the precipitation on its western slope, leaving the country in its shadow relatively dry. Before they were cut away, the lowland forests were also immense, but intermingled with them were open areas covered with ferns and grasses and spangled with wildflowers. This is the land of the Changer, the Star Child who descended from the heavens to the fertile earth and, as Moon, married a daughter of the Salmon people, ensuring his human kin happiness and plenty if they would respect the family of his bride.

Even after all we know of history, most people still hold this version of the West sacred.

My class is made up of a diverse group of students.

17. American society was originally premised on the belief that unfetteredprivate appropriation and use of natural resources would result in thegreatest benefit to both individuals and society as a whole. In the 19thcentury, resources (including land) in the United States were variouslyviewed as a means toward private individual gain (philosophy ofeconomics) or toward the "benefit of the many" not for the privateprofit of the few (under both progressive conservation and wildernesspreservationphilosophies). As Jack Lewis puts it, the debate over the natural environmentis "nothing less than the role of the federal government at large,and how that role should be defined and redefined as the nation's needschange." (,pp. 511-512). Policies of the federal government have supported bothl capitalism and environmental regulation of resources for thepublic good.

The diversity isn't simply ethnic or racial, but monetary also.

We tend to lump the "white man" into one group, but they were also very separated, not only by ethnicity, which will be discussed next, but also by economy.

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Each contract may have held different meanings to the different groups, and in fact, often only a few members of a tribe who spoke English took part in the contract writing.

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b. Discuss at least three specific examples of each policy (Suggestions:westward expansion: mining, cattle ranching, prairie farming; the progressiveconservation movement; wilderness preservation; urban ecology; the ecologymovement.)