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The Social Security Handbook has 2,728 separate rules governing its benefits. And it has thousands upon thousands of explanations of those rules in its Program Operating Manual System, called the POMS, which provides guidance on implementing the 2,728 rules. Talk about a user’s nightmare!

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What we have at present however is a continuing move of people transferring THEIR responsibility onto the banks and system administration. Personal responsibility is not a commodity that can traded to someone else. I believe that too many people would happily choose a system which has for them the least involvement. But such a system is never going to be trustable, in the same way as ID cards are a bad idea, because once you can forge this single 'super-verifier' you are trusted by the system. Social security or electronic transfer systems, it doesn't matter, it's a case of 'trust status' in regards a system.

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Note from Paul Solman: Friend of Making Sen$e (and my sometime tennis sparring partner) Larry Kotlikoff of Boston University is a noted economist, prolific author and frequent contributor to and , among other venues. and will again. Today, we post a recent essay of his: “34 Social Security ‘Secrets’ All Baby Boomers and Millions of Current Recipients Need to Know.”

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