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A person who is widely read is able to mix with others: he is a better conversationalist than those who do not read. He can stand his ground. Reading broadens the vision. it is in a way a substitute for travel. It is not possible to travel as much as one would like to and reading can fill in the gap created by the lack of travel. "Reading", as Bacon wrote in his essay. 'Of Studies'. "maketh a full man: conference a ready man: and writing an exact man". Thus a widely-read man is a better conversationalist and is able to see the other point of view.

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Wednesday 11/12: writing assignment 3 due on the course blog by 9PM.
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342 words short essay on Pleasures of Reading OR Value of Books (free to read)

Hello Liz!
I have given IELTS thrice . I have been able to score 8 in speaking , reading and listening. But, my score in writing has been 6.5 consistently. I have tried my best to give examples and improve vocabulary. I have analysed myself, could it be because of writing task 1 ? Because I did not make comparisons.
Please advice as it has become frustrating for me.

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Your essay should be 1800-2100 words, and must include at least 3 outside sources. It must demonstrate both your proficiency with close-reading and the considerable thought you’ve given to how and why your text affects you. The essay is the culmination of the writing and reading skills you’ve developed over the semester, and it has a lot of moving parts. Get started early.

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The amount of reading one should get through is of course nobody's business. There is no end to it for there is a variety of subjects to read about. The daily newspaper or the popular magazine while it discusses topical issues and raised controversies, it also provokes thought and throws light on human nature. It brings the news of wars, rebellions, organizations, political stances, heroic deeds etc., together and helps knit a world of some sort. There is then the serious reading undertaken for research and for satisfying one's longing for knowledge. It may be a subject of scientific significance, or a subject of historic or philosophic importance - varying according to the taste of the person. This kind of reading disciplines the mind and trains one for critical and original thinking. There is yet another kind of reading -reading for pleasure. Though serious reading is also a source of pleasure, reading which is devoted mainly to it differs in one respect. It grows upon one, it gives before demanding and it soothes and relieves tension and loneliness. The only kind of reading which neither stimulates thought nor provides knowledge is one which is approached negatively, with the simple motive of escape and of "killing" time.

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1. Argument: does the essay have a specific and debatable thesis? Does the essay as a whole coalesce around this thesis?
2. Close-reading: does every paragraph feature close, formal analysis of the texts? Are the examples and the analyses specific, precise, and detailed?
3. Structure: does every paragraph feature a distinct topic sentence that both relates to the thesis and accurately predicts what the paragraph actually says?
4. Peer review: did the author provide her or her peers with thoughtful, critical, detailed feedback during peer review and workshop?
5. Revision: Are the second and final drafts significantly revised? Did the author make the most of feedback from peer review and workshop? Is the essay free of typos and grammatical errors?