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There are two types of the tectonic plates, and these are the continental plates and the ocean plates. The oceanic plate is quite denser than the continental plates. In the event of the movements of the tectonic plates, various things happen at their boundaries. The boundaries can collide, move away from each other or simply move parallel to each other (Silverstein, Silverstein, & Nunn, 2009). These types of movements of the tectonic plates culminate into the emergence of various boundaries which leads to the formation of different sets of physical features that are deemed quite important to learn. Additionally, one of the determinant factors that would distinguish the feature that would be formed on a boundary is the type of tectonic plates that are involved then (Stein, & Mazzotti, 2007). There could be the boundaries of two continental plates, or two oceanic plates or a continental and oceanic plate’s movement.

Kusky, T. M. (2008). Earthquakes: Plate tectonics and earthquake hazards. New York: Facts On File.

This theory states that the earth’s superficial crust is made of various broken pieces of the crust that are usually in constant motion. The broken pieces are always floating on top of the surface of the earth called the mantle. The mantle is liquid in nature and always generates the convectional currents that emanate from the epicenter of the universe called the core (Kusky, 2008). The core is deemed to be sweltering and hence having high temperatures that can even melt the rocks. The theory also states the movement that makes the plates be in constant motion is generated by the various conventional currents that emanate from the mantle. This movement occurs when the upper part of the mantle which is cooler and massive sinks and hot light inner part comes on top of the mantle (Silverstein, Silverstein, & Nunn, 2009). In this prospect, the movements that are seen in this advent make the tectonic plates be in continuous random movement.

Silverstein, A., Silverstein, V. B., & Nunn, L. S. (2009). Plate tectonics. Minneapolis, MN: Twenty-First Century Books.

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Putting Memphis Tennessee into context, the type of boundary that was created here was a divergent boundary. There was a continental drift of the North American plate. The flow was caused by the seismic waves that pushed the plates to moves asunder. The resultant effect was that there was the formation of the New Madrid Seismic zone for which earthquakes were very prevalent (Stille, 2007). The biggest earthquake happened in the year 1811-1812 with a magnitude of 6.6. This quake affected Memphis Tennessee a great deal. As the plates drifted, there was the formation of the faults, and this led to the inception of the valleys and frequent eruptions. There were also tsunamis in the nearby Atlantic Ocean. All these were the effects of the tectonic movement of the continental and the oceanic crust (Silverstein, Silverstein, & Nunn, 2009).