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Write a letter to municipal corporation to seating on corporation office at my designation.

Arama sonuçarı "Municipal Corporation"

A Workshop on Smart City Dharamshala is to be held on 6th March, 2016 at Dharamshala in Hotel Dhauladhar. The workshop will be address by Director Urban Development and Commissioner Municipal Corporation Dharamshala. Municipal Corporation Dharamshala cordially invites all the citizens of Dharamshala to participate in workshop and give their suggestions.

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Sealed item rates tender on form 6 & 8 are hereby invited on behalf of Commissioner,Dharamshala Municipal Corporation for the following works from the approved contractors of appropriate class enlisted with HPPWD/HP I&PH/CPPWD /Dharamshala Municipal Corporation so as to reach in this office on or before as per time & schedule given below.

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Letter to Municipal Corporation of your city complaining about the miserable condition of roads in your locality