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celebrating the 1967 National Championship team.

In the enlightened self-interest application, they will form partnershipsand alliances or interact with others in a way that tends to get them themost in return by giving others what they need to get the most for themselves,so there will be the most mutual benefit.


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There are also other ways we see rules change in order to approach anideal. "Local rules" are often different from official rules because theplaying environment, particularly in home or amateur or temporary conditions,might be such that some allowances need to be made in order to make thegame seem right. For example, when golf courses do not have their grassgrowing or being cut properly in the fairways, they may permit or encouragethe playing by "winter rules" whereby a ball can be moved around a bitin the fairway onto a better patch of grass, sitting up better, so thatit can be hit better. Everyone who has played touch football in a smallpark or set of yards with bushes or trees or foreign objects, or who hasplayed basketball in a weird shaped driveway or a driveway flanked by treesor foreign objects, is familiar with "local rules" designed to keep thegame from being corrupted by trick plays that use some local peculiarityto an unfair advantage, or which take into account in some fair way anybizarre play that may occur by accident -- for example, what the baseballrule should be for a batted ball hitting a ceiling obstruction in a coveredstadium. On a basketball court that only has one basket (i.e., a "half-court")you have to "take the ball ‘back'" after it hits the rim,in order to make it be something like having to run the ball to the otherend of a full court to the other basket, after getting a rebound. In tennisthere is a game, in America usually called Canadian Doubles, whereby threeplayers can all play, by taking turns in a two against one format wherethe one side uses the some of the rules of doubles tennis and the otherside has to play by the rules of singles. This is essentially to reducethe advantage of the two players by giving them a handicap, in order tomake the games more competitively balanced. The doubles players normallystill have an advantage, but it is not so great an advantage as it wouldbe if both sides played by the same rules. Also each player has his ownindividual game and set score, so the first player to be involved in winningsix games, whether as part of a team or as an individual, is the winnerof a set. It is a reasonably fair way to approximate tennis when playingrecreationally with unequal numbers of players.


Participating in my high school’s debate program has been my most meaningful activity these past four years. I have learned how to speak in front of a crowd without becoming nervous, how to think on my feet, and how to argue the merits of any side of an issue. Being on the debate team also allows me to educate myself on current topics of global importance such as the homeless problem, health care, and pollution.

by Jim Roberts with Arthur Mintz. Foreword by Ken Dryden. Published by Cornell University Press.

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Sometimes morality is confused with religion and I have written aboutthat .But for purposes of this essay, it will not matter whether someone's moralprinciples are based on religious doctrine or commands or not. The importanttraits will be the soundness, and perceived soundness, of any moral principles,not their genesis.

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What immediately strikes the reader about this set-before even reading it-is the balance between the essays. Each answer contains only one paragraph, each of approximately equal length. The solid structure of each essay and the focus of each reflects this outward balance. Each one focuses on a completely different area of its writer’s life, another striking detail. The first focuses on his career goals, the second on his interest in history, the third on his interest in the visual arts, and the fourth on wrestling. This is a perfect example of the jigsaw puzzle approach. When put together, you have a well-rounded individual with passion, depth, and involvement in many different areas.

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I am also not trying here to write a definitive work about all the issuesinvolving the relationship between law and morality, nor to restate allthe points others have already made about the issues I do address. InsteadI hope to simply shed some additional light on aspects of the relationshipbetween law and morality in a pluralistic democratic country with a seculargovernment.

Aspects of Law Not Based on Morality

Throughout my life, I have tried to be a well-balanced person. Growing up in the South, I had a hard time fighting the stereotypical image of a Chinese person. I was expected to be a math and science genius and nothing more. As it turned out, I defied my detractors by excelling in English and history along with math and science. And over the years, I have continued to maintain my academic standards.