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The justification for my advice takes two considerations into account. First, under fixed-price contracts, while price is fixed as per the rates that were tendered by the contractor, in some fixed-price contract provisions, the price can be adjusted for changes. As such, while there is the risk of a $3M loss for defaulting on the specifications of the contract, the firm can negotiate with the government so that the government modifies the specifications of the contract or the price after the award of the contract. This will have the effect of cushioning the firm from any losses, and on the contrary, guarantee the firm $3 million profit.

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In theory, every single government contract going out for bid is supposed to be listed on , known colloquially as "Fed Biz Opps." Again, besides bidding for contracts yourself, keep in mind that this might clue you in on contracts that larger entities might go after. That might mean opportunities to latch on as a subcontractor.

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Imagine that you are working on a program for the purchase of (if government) or the sale of (if contractor) the installation of security fencing around the base of towers along the Arizona-Mexico border that are used for long-range cameras. The cost of the project is one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). Your boss has asked you to create a portion of the main contract for a small business set- aside contract.

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Here at , the SBA set up a total of nearly four hours of training on how to compete for federal government contracts—with panelists including top SBA officials, contractors, and those who recruit subcontractors for the country's largest companies—companies that do a lot of government business.

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Federal spending is up. No matter how you might feel about that politically, it means great opportunity for government contractors. And that in turn means unprecedented opportunity for small and emerging businesses.

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Murphy, J. E. (2008). Guide to Contract Pricing: Cost and Price Analysis for Contractors, Subcontractors, and Government Agencies (Fifth ed.). Vienna, Virginia: Management Concepts Press.

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Kelleher, T. J., Abernathy, T. E., Bell, H. J., & Reed, S. L. (2010). Federal Government Construction Contracts: A Practical Guide for the Industry Professional. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.

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Granted, there's something a bit meta about the U.S. government running classes on how to sell stuff to the U.S. government. But setting that aside, whether you want to contract directly with the government or carve out a niche as a subcontractor, we learned six key things about getting on the government payroll.