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Food Safety Tech: What progress has the Consortium made over the past year?

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One year ago IBM Research and Mars, Inc. embarked on a partnership with that very goal in mind. They established the , which they’ve touted as “the largest-ever metagenomics study…sequencing the DNA and RNA of major food ingredients in various environments, at all stages in the supply chain, to unlock food safety insights hidden in big data”. The idea is to sequence metagenomics on different parts of the food supply chain and build reference databases as to what is a healthy/unhealthy microbiome, what bacteria lives there on a regular basis, and how are they interacting. From there, the information would be used to identify potential hazards, according to Jeff Welser, vice president and lab director at IBM Research–Almaden.

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Save the Dates for the 6th Annual Food Safety Consortium conference in Schaumburg, IL, a summit of Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) industry experts and government officials. The agenda is comprised of panel discussions, individual presentations, "Ask The Experts" discussion groups, workshops and training programs running concurrently, coupled with overarching plenary sessions paired with a table-top exhibition. This is an event focused on food safety education and networking providing attendees best practices and new technology solutions to today's food safety challenges.

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A food company’s supply chain can be the weakest link in their food safety program. Food ingredient adulteration, fraud, and counterfeiting negatively impacts everyone in the food supply chain. Save the Dates! June 12-13, 2018 - Rockville, MD.

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