Success and failure are two facets of the same coin.

23/04/2011 · Here are 3 reasons why failure is the key to success

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I think a greater emphasis needs to be placed upon the human element within the process. I agree with Max in that these systems, though not perfect, are built in order to make it as hard as possible for attackers to break, and have for the most part been successful - no security system is ever going to be fool proof outside of the lab, but what you can do is design systems that manage and control the risk to as high a degree as possible. Max's figure of 10000$ loss from Swiss institutions highlights this. No the system has not been flawless, but if it protects against the greatest possible percentage of attacks then this is a bad day for the crackers and a good day for the banks.

Well if the attacker can bypass all these things and get authenticated successfully then hats off to his knowledge.

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AC: Client certs sound great in theory, but in practice they're almost impossible to support on a large scale. Different versions of different software have varying levels of support for certificate related standards. What works in one product doesn't work in another product. There's the trusted root problem (how does a bank get their root CA certificate distributed to the trusted root stores of the various software products? Or should everyone be forced to buy from Verisign?) Certificates expire and have to be renewed. Validation is a mess. Windows/IE will at least try to retrieve a current CRL. Most OpenSSL based products (read: most open source products) don't even check the validity date on certificates; they only concern themselves with the key arithmetic. Forget about CRL or OCSP validation. Users need to be aware of their private key and know how to back it up securely if they move to a different machine or reload their existing machine.

This should be via a shared secret and out of channel secure authentication bassed on the key factors of the transaction including time.

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what would happen if all keyboard output is sent to ram which is hardwired to be read only to the rest of the world (services,software etc)

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Those hesitant about replacing turnarounds with closures should simply remember that a failed business doesn’t indict capitalism and an unseated incumbent doesn’t indict democracy. Though temporarily painful, both are essential mechanisms for maintaining long-term systemwide quality, responsiveness, and innovation. Closing America’s worst urban schools doesn’t indict public education nor does it suggest a lack of commitment to disadvantaged students. On the contrary, it reflects our insistence on finally taking the steps necessary to build city school systems that work for the boys and girls most in need.

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The point is to reduce the amount of time that a captured password is valid. Since the fob output is typically only valid for a minute this means that any attacker would either need a very complex automated system or would need to be sitting there waiting for you to log in to your bank instead of just putting up a keylogger or traffic logger and coming back next week. This significantly raises the bar for an attacker and for the cost is some of the best risk reduction you can get.

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I think this article may be mis-titled: it should be "The Failure of Understanding of Two-Factor Authentication", because what it is discussing at its core is the fact that two-factor is not the panacea it has been sold as for resolving the problem of inappropriate authentication (where I have access to your account/system under your security context, whether you've allowed me to or not). I simply do not buy that Mr. Schneier would believe that two-factor auth is a failure because it would force hackers to find other avenues of attack: in fact, by many definitions that is a form of success. At times the best we can hope for is to make their job harder, if only to buy ourselves a little time.