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Those who don’t know how to write a good case study on Communication –  now.

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In a rapidly moving world, instant and effective communication is extremely important. Social media helps people in this regard. One of the major advantages of communication through social media is the ability to speak out fearlessly. No other channels of communication provide such a facility to ordinary people. Another major advantage of using social media for communication is the ability to communicate instantly with people staying at distant places. The ability of social media in instant communication is a blessing for family communication. This paper briefly analyses the role of social media in enhancing family communication.

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Kingston University Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 9000

Your website is super helpful and informative for those of us who aim for a high band score in the IELTS. Thank you for taking your time to publish all these sample essays! I have two questions though, and I was hoping you’d be able to answer them. Nothing too important, just something things I’ve been wondering while studying for the IELTS:

Kingston University Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 9000

I think the thesis statement is kind of agreeing with both sides, somehow i find the “excess of .. ” sentence confusing and may be not necessary.

What Is Critical Analysis Essay in the sample essay on google analysis Warehouse Essay Warehouse

Lively debates captivate their audience.

Any approach can get a high score. You just need to present a very clear position which is supported throughout your essay with main ideas well developed.

Communication Majors succeed in dynamic careers.

This essay shows a balanced approach which does not discuss both sides, it gives a specific opinion. If it seems confusing, don’t try it. Just agree with one side if that is easier for you. At no time, can you discuss both sides in an opinion essay – don’t risk it, if you find it confusing.
All the best

Essay on the Role of Information Technology in Agriculture

hello Liz,
I don’t understand when i should present only my opinion and when to present both sides
For example in the above essay the questiom was ” to what extend do you agree?”
But the model answer he gave the point of view but also discussed both advantages and disadvantages.

Essay Workplace Trends Choices and Technologies for

This is asking if you agree OR disagree. You can’t both agree and disagree – it’s not possible. The instructions don’t ask you to discuss both sides. So, choose your opinion and explain it in the essay – no other information is required. A balanced view does not discuss both sides, it presents a specific opinion. If you find that difficult to understand, don’t try. You can still get band score 9 choosing one side.
All the best

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if in questions are given that “do you agree or disagree ?” in this topic what should write ? will i write on both sides i mean positively afterthat negetively then conclusion…. is it write process? plz help liza mam

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You are never asked to give a balanced opinion. You can be asked to give an opinion and it is your decision whether to go for a balanced approach or one-sided. Or you are asked to discuss both sides and give your opinion, in which case you discuss both sides and also give your opinion. Always follow the instructions.