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(The Lord familyfounded the city of Hartford, Connecticut, has a large number of Skull &Bones members on its family tree, and set up one of the most powerful old-lineWall Street law firms, Lord Day Lord.) In 1975, George Bush completed his"grooming" with a brief stint as Gerald Ford's CIA director.

In 1980, Bush ran a short-lived campaign against Ronald Reagan for the RepublicanParty's presidential nomination.

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Just as the Greek city-state of Sparta providedthe Skull & Bones with the image of a WASP warrior caste, the PersianEmpire, with its system of coalitions of satrap armies, provides the modelfor the Bonesmen's New World Order.

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The Russells' Skull and Bones Society was the most important of their domesticprojects ``which did not involve publicity.''A police-blotter type review of Russell's organization will show why thesecret order, though powerful, was not the unique organ of ``conspiracy''for the U.S.

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