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When they were allowed to follow the Jewish faith again, many found it difficult to find their place either in the Christian or the Jewish religions. Andrew Salamon was a child during the war and found many ways to disguise his real identity. "Hidden Children" is a two part story that discusses physical and identity hiding. "Between Two Religions" looks at the consequences of hiding Jewish children in Christian homes and institutions during the Holocaust.

Offers lesson plans for commonly used children’s Holocaust literature including Number the Stars and One Yellow Daffodil.

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Republic Day 26th Jan Essay for Children in English : The Constitution was adopted Nov. 26, 1949 to the Constituent Assembly. It was adopted January 26, 1950, a democratic system of government, when the country became a republic in the true sense.

Joseph Heinrich tells his story.  Descriptions of women who were children during the Holocaust. French children of the Holocaust.

Republic Day 26th Jan Essay for Children in English : India gained independence 15 August 1947, after which the process of preparing a constitution was started.

Children of the Holocaust are considered in this chapter of A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust.