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Nationalism is the doctrine or practice of promoting the collective interests of a national community or above those of individuals, regions or other nations. Canadian nationalism flourished following the First and Second World Wars, but it has also struggled to compete against the forces of provincial identity, especially in Quebec, and the influence of American culture and economic integration.

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As Professor Hutcheson asked, did Canada go from "Colony to Nation or Empire to Empire?" This question has greatly influenced Canada's changing identity since her birth as a British colony with Confederation in 1867 to the present day.

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As a result, most understandings of Canadian identity have alternated between the extremes of unity and plurality, emphasizing either a vision of "one" Canada or a fragmented nation of "many" Canadas. A more recent, postmodernist view conceives of it as marked by a paradoxical combination of both unity and plurality, together. Another approach moves in between, rather than combining these two extremes, by viewing Canada as a more-or-less cohesive community characterized by what the philosopher called "deep diversity."

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Canadian national sentiment developed slowly after , reflecting the strengths of provincialism and, in English-speaking Canada, the overriding sense of membership in the British Empire. There were glimmers of nationalism in the movement of the 1870s, and among writers of the 1890s. By 1911 Canada's nationalist dilemmas were becoming evident when the government of Prime Minister was defeated over its modestly independent naval policy and a scheme of (freer trade) with the United States.

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These threats include: untamed nature, as symbolized by the harshness of winter or the ; the of some Québécois nationalists; and the balkanization of the country due to a policy that some critics believe encourages the development of ethnic ghettos rather than the assimilation of . This view has led the various defenders of a unified Canadian identity to take a rather belligerent stance towards these supposed threats.

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The pluralist conception of Canadian identity considers accommodation through good-faith negotiation to be the best way of responding to tensions – national, regional, ethnic, religious and political – that make up Canada. According to this view, the rights contained in the do not form a systematically unified whole, but must be balanced against each other, something which is fully in keeping with Canadian tradition.

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Evidently, this view of Canadians' common good encourages a strictly political, rather than national, conception of the country, one according to which Canada constitutes a "civic" community, a community of citizens, rather than a "nation." National communities are considered largely, cultural entities, those that affirm specific languages as the chief repositories of their artistic productions.