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(Note that the Dallas Museum of Art is arranged chronologically, beginning with earliest cultures and art objects located on the top floor to contemporary art on the first floor.)

Directions: Write a paragraph explaining how this particular museum’s design affects your experience with its artwork.

Discuss the style and techniques utilized by at least three different portrait artists on display at the museum.

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(For example, a pauper will be portrayed quite differently from an aristocrat, and this difference can be surmised by the setting, pose, and costume as well as the brushstrokes, lighting, and gestures.) Finally, I would like for you to speculate on which artist seen at the museum you would choose to create your own portrait.

For museums, art is the real creation of a major artist within the past. Identical to its definition, its significance also varies.

Many have gone to school to enhance their skills so that they can be among the many finest dancers in the world.Like music, dancing is a form of art that can evoke numerous feelings.

For museums, art is the real creation of a big artist in the past. Just like its definition, its significance also varies.

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Because of an effective museum exhibit, your customers and your online business benefit. Artwork is such a easy term however it`s troublesome to define.

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Plus, you build a reputation as a knowledgeable source of knowledge in your field , one other quality that may land you customers.Inspiration, if you`re trying to seize your guests ` imaginations, a good place to start could be a museum exhibit.

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In fact , the most effective museum exhibits succeed as a result of they weave all of their parts together into a cohesive and fascinating narrative. Persons are naturally wired to reply to storytelling.

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In reality , one of the best museum exhibits succeed because they weave all of their parts collectively into a cohesive and engaging narrative. People are naturally wired to reply to storytelling.

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Give the title, origin, and/or date of the art work and a brief description of what it reveals about the culture/time period it comes from.

Bonus Option 3: Museums as Artworks

During your visit to the museum, take special notice of its design.

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Do you see brushstrokes?)

—You may choose ONE AND ONLY ONE of the following options.

Bonus Option 1: Power Play

Directions: Choose 5 of the following ten categories and identify one art work for each of the five you’ve selected that you consider to be the best representations of the category of power and give the title, date, artist or origin of each as well as a brief explanation of how you see the particular culture depicted.


Bonus Option 2: Time Capsule

Directions: Suppose that you have been chosen to select works of art from the museum to be buried in a time capsule.