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I DON'T MEAN to hide this essay’s conclusions. Where we’re going with all this is toward a claim that the thin notions of natural law deployed against same-sex marriage in recent times are unpersuasive, and, what’s more, they deserve to be unpersuasive—for their thinness reflects their lack of rich truth about the spiritual meanings present in this created world. Indeed, once the sexual revolution brought the Enlightenment to sex, demythologizing and disenchanting the Western understanding of sexual intercourse, the legal principles of equality and fairness were bound to win, as they have over the last decade: the only principles the culture has left with which to discuss topics such as marriage.

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ONE MORE ASIDE before we arrive at the argument for same-sex marriage—not a mea culpa exactly, but an attempt to examine my own conscience, for even as I write this personal essay, I’m growing uneasy with the petulant and aggrieved way it is presenting the idea that anti-Catholicism was one of the purposes of, or at least one of the bonuses for, the cultural elites who took up the cause of same-sex marriage.

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Typically, “anti-intellectualism” refers to a disregard for facts, an unwillingness to engage in reasoned debate, or being under the sway of religious dogma — the interlocutor who dismisses a reasonable argument simply because it does not confirm their own particular worldview. However, I am interested in a different kind of anti-intellectualism. We live in a world where we rely more and more on artificial intelligence to do all sorts of thinking for us. It feels so natural, as if the AI were just an extension of our knowledge, but the boundary between our thoughts and what thinks for us has become blurred. You might even say that our thoughts are not our own, that we merely regurgitate what we find in various media that put information — and opinion — at our fingertips. We take whatever suits our self-interest and toss it into that shopping cart called our beliefs. Anti-intellectualism is the consequence of surrendering oneself to artificial intelligence.

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Anti-intellectualism undermines both deliberation and diversity. It inhibits one’s capacity to engage in dialogue with others and breeds a territoriality about one’s beliefs and identity. It encourages one’s values and one’s self-interest to overlap and become non-negotiable, and that is fundamentalism.

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Anti-intellectualism is when one’s ability to think becomes completely dependent upon something other than oneself. We conflate what thinks for us with our own thinking, while internalizing an illusion of autonomy. Some have become convinced Hillary is a champion of feminism, others that Trump is a great businessman and leader — by posting links that argue exactly that. But Google will produce just as many results arguing the other way. What “thinks for us” has traditionally been the institutions that are in the business of manufacturing information — the media, education — who also function to police and enforce norms, but in recent history, those who control the means of producing information are no longer a few corporate elites, they are all of us. I say “information,” and not knowledge. Knowledge has become rare, whereas information is ubiquitous. And that is the anti-intellectual context: an inundation of information that floods the public sphere, keeping people from the knowledge what would threaten the existing hegemony.

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There are many reasons we are in this mess, but I will just focus on one: anti-intellectualism. I don’t mean that democracy is in shambles because we lack a certain standard of intellectual capacity. In fact, anti-intellectualism has very little to do with one’s intellect at all. Rather, it is an attitude that expresses one’s masked fundamentalism. We are not as liberal or progressive as we think.

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However much these thinkers had been disappointed by Marxism, they were hardly ready to embrace straightforward majoritarian democracy. Indeed, with the exception of Henry Adams, there has probably never been a historian more suspicious of "the people" than Richard Hofstadter. For him vox populi conjured up images of racism, xenophobia, paranoia, anti-intellectualism. The more congenial Hartz described Americans as possessing "a vast and almost charming innocence of mind"; his hope was that the postwar encounter with the rest of the world would awaken his countrymen from their sheltered, basically oafish naïveté.