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Effectively working with differences even goes beyond this. According to Davidson,

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Kelley, R; 1992; The Power of Followership: How to create leaders people want to follow, and followers who lead themselves; Doubleday; New York

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This entire exploration of variables related to diversity (and differences) represents great potential in sense and meaning making through analyses and theory building. Every individual and every culture of every social system can be viewed through these lenses and their combinations. If we are to consider diversity as a variable in understanding social phenomena, including leadership, there is a potential significance for each of these. Any leadership occurrence may involve one or all of these diverse variables. Specifying the distinctions among the characteristics of diversity and differences in a given context will lead to greater clarity about its relationship to leadership, as well as other organizational and social phenomena. It will also lead to context specific definitions.

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—John Latané (1907) America as a World Power, 1897-1907, p. 255.

Walker, thanks for raising a very important issue. While oppression, domination and power were not elements I was focused on, from an integral perspective they are very important to attend to. I do believe the integral framework as represented in this article provides the meta framework for doing so.

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You noted: “Diversity’s relationship with integral leadership, then, can be understood as the role of diversity in an integral practice, development and understanding of leadership. It concerns how those who are leading attract and integrate differences for the purposes they seek.” My question is how do you see the phenomenon of power in this relationship? What happens in the relationship between diversity and integral leadership that purposes the history of privileged power in leadership, and acknowledged and addresses the damages done historically and currently by that privilege? What I keep coming to, especially as I read your list of questions for research and analyses, was permission. There is a need to request permission of Diversity, to establish honor, respect, and recognition of it’s relationship to power.

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Riggio, R., Chaleff, I. and Lipman-Blumen, J, eds. (2008). The art of followership: How great followers create great leaders and organizations. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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McGregor, S. and Volckmann, R. (2011). Transversity: Transdisciplinary approaches to higher education. Tucson, AZ: Integral Publishers.