Psychology on the Road-- the Human Factor in Traffic Safety.

Canberra,Australia: Federal Office of Road Safety; November 1997.[7]Solomon D.

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Using a bicycle can be dangerous too. We must pay attention on the road and never cycle too far out to the middle of the road. We must obey all traffic rules. Also we must make sure our bicycles are in good condition with working brakes, lights etc.

Prepared forRoad Safety Division, Department for Transport, LocalGovernment and the Regions; 2002.

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It is widely held by driving aficionados that high-skilldrivers are inherently safe drivers.
This was examined directly by comparing the on-the-roaddriving records of unusually skilled drivers to the recordsof average drivers.

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Lack of knowledge about correct drivingprocedures is not the primary source of traffic crashes byyoung male drivers, which is why driver education has littleeffect on safety.
Gender differences and socialization. Largegender-dependent differences pervade traffic safetyfindings.

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To ensure air traffic safety, it is very important that facilities such as runways are constructed strictly in accordance with designated standards. In addition, facilities must be maintained and managed to ensure that they are in perfect operating condition at all times. In view of this, the government will improve airport safety technology that directly influences air traffic safety. This includes measures to ensure air traffic safety when construction work is in progress at airports, upgrading of airport signaling facilities, checking for tarmac deterioration, maintenance to prevent destruction of vital facilities, and measures to quickly remove and melt away snow at airports where it snows.

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Particularlyimportant, but difficult to quantify, are relationshipsbetween driver behavior and crash risk.
Normal driving is a self-paced task
The distinction betweenperformance and behavior is central to traffic safetybecause normal driving is a self-paced task.

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To prevent accidents involving small aircraft, the government will strengthen guidance on observation of all laws and relevant regulations, comprehensive education and training of small aircraft operators, and accurate understanding of meteorological conditions. The government will also advise parties involved in the increasingly popular pursuit of aerial recreations to prevent accidents, by working through relevant groups and organizations. Furthermore, for rescue planes in the event of a natural disaster, the government will work to improve measures to ensure their safe operation in congested airspaces.

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The differences could reflect that in thecase-control studies, the speeding case drivers might beless safe than average drivers even when they were notspeeding, because other risk-increasing behaviors arerelated to speeding.
A British study reports a value of P =2.5 for all crashes involving injury, based on comparingrates on different roads with similar features but differentobserved average speeds.