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Postman, Neil. “The Improbable World”. In Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. 1992

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The unreasonableness of his complaints againstProvidence, while, on the one hand, he demands the perfections of theangels, and, on the other, the bodily qualifications of the brutes;though to possess any of the sensitive faculties in a higher degreewould render him miserable.

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Postman concludes many things from this private and eccentric research. He believes that in the light of what H.L. Meneken said fifty years ago “that there is no idea so stupid that you can't find a professor who will believe it.” (Paragraph 4) Postman postulates that just like people in the Middle Ages used to believe in the authority of the religion as being the ultimate one, people nowadays believe whatever science spits out to them. Aside form this we also tend to believe everything science in the power of Technopoly has to say because we don't have any reasons to not to believe in that. Nothing surprises us these days because we have so much knowledge and so much advances are being made in the scientific and social world that hardly any news seems extraordinary to us. Postman states that “Technopoly deprives us of the social, political, historical, metaphysical, logical, or spiritual bases for knowing what is beyond belief. (Paragraph 5)”

Fans found it surprising in 1980 when Kubrick turned out a moviethat was apparently no more than a horror film. The action took placeat the Overlook Hotel in Colorado, where the winter caretaker, achilling Jack Nicholson, became progressively madder and tried tomurder his wife and his telepathic son.

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Religion is any cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, world views, texts, sanctified places, ethics, or organizations, that relate humanity to the supernatural or transcendental. However, there is no scholarly consensus over what precisely constitutes a religion. Different religions may or may not contain various elements ranging from the divine, sacred things, faith, a supernatural being or supernatural beings or “some sort of ultimacy and transcendence that will provide norms and power for the rest of life”. Religious practices may include rituals, sermons, commemoration or veneration (of deities), sacrifices, festivals, feasts, trances, initiations, funerary services, matrimonial services, meditation, prayer, music, art, dance, public service, or other aspects of human culture. Browse

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The following is a discourse on Neil Postman's essay entitled “The Improbable World”. Deceit and exploitation, according to Neil Postman, are what many of the social-science experiments are based upon. This is why he thinks that social science must be viewed with careful scrutiny. He uses a first person narrative throughout out the essay and we shall, for the sake of this summary, portray him in the second person. Postman begins his essay by describing an experiment of his own devising in which he goes up to one of his colleagues who is not apparently in possession of the morning's newspaper. He then asks them if they have read the morning's paper or not and if they answer negatively, he proceeds by giving some bogus news to them. In this paper, he gave the news that science has proven that jogging reduces intelligence, which was of course, a ridiculous thing to say. But he claims that if he puts the information nicely and in a convincing manner to his colleagues, he is able to derive many different kinds of reactions from them. Postman reports that he is able to convince at least about two-thirds of the people.