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I think The Story of Stuff didn’t address this aspect because it would draw attention away from the point about hidden costs. I’m not saying I like how everything we buy is the stereotypical “Made in China”, but I certainly think it affects this portion of Annie Leonard’s statement.

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We watched “Story of Stuff” tonight and must admit, as expected, that it is the biggest bunch of bull we have ever seen. Just another sign of what our kids are seeing, and being taught, in the govt. schools. It goes right along with the way obama feels about our country. He is doing his best to destroy our country and stuff like “Story of Stuff” is helping him. I would say God help our country but I think it is too late. Aren’t you and your ilk happy about that.

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Thanks for giving us your really thoughtful and evenhanded take on Story of Stuff. I agree that the work is a mixed bag of some solid points about the environmental and psychological costs of consumerism, along with unfortunate scapegoating of government and business.

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