[10] Wenzel, Anna. “Hannibal Square Two,” November 20, 2014.

This plaque in the city center commemorates Simpson and Israel for their work as city aldermen. [5]

Tripod enjoying a good neck scratching!

Tripod, like the Sue Heck character on ABC’s , was born into a life more easily defined by obstacles than open doors. Tripod lost most of a rear back leg in an accident at birth. She was nursed to health by the first of many kind humans she encountered over the years and spent her first couple of years living in a garage and yard outside a Burbank, CA home.

A group of graduates from the a Native American correctional school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. [16]

And the Random Acts of Trophy-ness Award Goes to…

As Reconstruction ended, white Democrats sought for ways to make African American voters politically irrelevant. One method was the literacy tests African Americans were required to pass in order to vote. [12] Due to both high illiteracy rates among black populations and the difficulty level of the test, this method prevented many African Americans (as well as poor whites) from voting, depriving them of a voice in national government.

[13] L. Horgan, Jr. Photograph, c. 1889. George Meadows, “murderer & rapist.” Wikipedia Commons.

The neighbor’s efforts – and Tripod’s friendliness – paid off. People from miles away wrote to say they knew her and pledged to look for her. Eventually, word reached a man who had scooped up Tripod before Christmas. After spending more than a week with Tripod, he thought he’d given Tripod a home. He agreed to return her but didn’t want to leave her on the street.

[16] “Educating the Indian Race. Graduating Class of Carlisle, PA.” ca. 1890s. Wikipedia Commons.

Kindness and Positivity are Contagious

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Nelson, Alice. 2002. Political Bodies: Gender, History, and the Struggle for Narrative Power in Recent Chilean Literature. Cranbury and London, Associate University Presses.

More kindness in the world! What could be better?!

Kari won “The Path to Inner Peace Award” for the work she does as a psychotherapist to help people overcome stress, anxiety, depression and abuse.

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“No one would even believe how hilarious this was. ‘The case of the missing package’ is what I’ve been calling this mystery. My husband just laughed every time I filled him in on a new development. He says, when women are determined, watch out! I wholeheartedly agree. I said I can picture you climbing over mountains, swimming through rivers and wading through moats to get to the bottom of this. This makes you receiving it all the sweeter. This is how I felt when you sent me my beautiful trophy that still sits on my mantle. I hope you enjoy the stories.”

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Laplante, Lisa J. and Kimberly Theidon. “Truth with Consequences: Justice and Reparations in Post-Truth Commission Peru.” Human Rights Quarterly, 29 (2007): 2298-250.

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