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One casual look at the abundance of drug substances that seem to pervade everyday life is all it takes to convince anyone that our world has a drug problem. A big drug problem. Drug substances, whether legal or illicit, prescription or recreational, have become the go-to solution for a host of physical, mental and emotional ills. Unfortunately, the fact that these substances have a tendency to exacerbate existing problems and create a whole new set of problems is not widely known or understood. Many individuals who turn to drugs for help find that they have handed over control of their life to something that rapidly works to destroy it.While various prevention strategies are still the most favored weapons in the war against drug abuse and addiction problems, it is becoming more and more painfully obvious that actions must be taken to help those who have already succumbed to drug abuse and addiction. One such action is a new implantable drug that may make it easier for addicts to quit–by reducing or eliminating their drug cravings.The craving-reducing drug naltrexone has actually been around for about two decades, but only in oral form. The problem with the drug has been that addicts who feel better as a result of taking naltrexone tend to stop taking it, which ultimately results in their relapsing back into drug or alcohol use. It is hoped that an implantable form of naltrexone will remove the compliance factor that prohibits recovering addicts from maintaining their recovery. The drug can be implanted inside the individual’s abdomen during a twenty-minute outpatient procedure. It dissolves slowly over a six to eight month period, blocking the receptors that cause the individual to feel a high or euphoric sensation when taking narcotic drug substances. The question is whether or not this will effectively help people maintain their recovery.The sad truth is that despite appearances, most addicts are desperate to take their lives back from drugs. What they lack is the means by which to do so. They may state that they can quit whenever they want, but the truth is that once they become psychologically dependent upon drug substances, their own choices and decisions have very little to do with whether they will actually successfully recover. There is no doubt that their desire to quit their drug use as well as their willingness to persist through all obstacles to full recovery is critical, but they most definitely will need help and support from others in order to make it. Some believe that an implantable form of naltrexone may offer much of this help and support.Dr. George Fallieras of Start Fresh Recovery says that patients receive a very low but effective dose of naltrexone in order to help them eliminate the compulsive cravings they have to use drugs or alcohol. Recovering addicts who have taken naltrexone have stated that they feel as though this overwhelming urge to constantly obtain and use more drug substances is suddenly gone, as if someone turned off a switch. This then opens the door to further recovery–allowing the individual to focus their attention on the counseling and treatment they need in order to get to the root of their drug use problems and resolve the many damaging effects of drug use.While implantable naltrexone may seem to be highly beneficial in treating addiction, there are some things one must consider. First of all, naltrexone is, itself, a drug substance. This means that it too is interrupting the normal functions of the human body and has the potential to create damaging side effects. Because of this, an individual who is considering using naltrexone in order to aid their recovery should truly consider all their options in order to determine whether this is the best one possible.

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When your instructor assigns an argumentative essay about drug addiction, it is in your best interest to accomplish the task to the best of your ability. As with every paper, you should follow the steps of the writing process. When you follow the steps, your writing project should successfully argue the point you are trying to convey.

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Maté talks about the various addictions to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and others throughout his video, however where I agree most with him is when he discusses the need for the substance use and abuse and what can happen as a result....

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