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Prerequisite: ENGL 101. Students are asked to analyze and evaluate persuasive essays for the writer's use of logical thinking. Students will develop research skills for the purpose of creating documented essays that reflect critical thinking and logical argument. (MOTR ENGL 200)

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Advanced: Students at this level communicate effectively with various audiences on a wide range of familiar and new topics to meet social and learning demands. In order to attain the English performance level of their native English speaking peers, further linguistic enhancement and refinement are still necessary. They are able to identify and summarize concrete details and abstract concepts during unmodified instruction in all academic domains. Oral and written productions reflect discourse appropriate for academic domains. Errors are infrequent and do not reduce communication.

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Analysis and use of strategies for critically reading and writing expository texts. Builds students' understandings of the relationships among language, meaning, and context, as well as their abilities to conduct research and evaluate sources, to use writing as a means of critical thinking, and to write essays that reflect a variety of rhetorical approaches. Students will remain with the same cohort of classmates in the same time slot across --. Students identify themselves for placement in this course through Directed Self-Placement and self-identification as a speaker of a native or home language other than English. Students who meet these two criteria may also opt to take instead of . Graded Credit/No Credit. No more than eight units of the -- stretch sequence may count toward graduation. Units are not applicable toward a degree.

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