, Princeton University Press, 1990.

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What is the reason? (not men’s adultery – the rates are equal). The reason could be that it is very low risk for women and very high risk for men (costs and losing the children). If so I suppose it is your professional duty not to advertise it but it would be a more significant injustice than the matter of having to establish fault.

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On October 1, 2015, I attended part of a debate between Professor Huemer and Richard Epstein [shown right], who has been noted in these pages as a member of the of Classical Liberal principles, and is currently a law professor at and the .

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But an animus for capitalism, business, and "corporations" in general, trashing and looting small businesses, and rejection of free trade at all, not just the "regulated" trade of the WTO, distinguishes the leftist bent of the conspicuous anarchists, as with their opportunistic allies in the following categories.

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A recent correspondent, who, with the dishonesty of many leftists, was pretending to be merely a curious and disinterested websurfer, nevertheless betrayed herself with the complaint that some of the books here displayed "poor scholarship." Of course, the real complaint is that they all hit the target too squarely.

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These are not "classics" of Anti-Communism (like the immortal by Whittaker Chambers [1952, 1980, Regnery Publishing, Washington, DC]), but all from the 80's and 90's.

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The books here are mainly those describing the plain truth about Marxism, the practice of Communism, and Soviet spies and sympathetizers in the United States.

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If the Hollywood Ten had been Nazi symathizers and German agents, the fashionable Left would be shedding no tears over them now; but they were, as a matter of fact, the moral and practical equivalent of Nazis.

Rackham, Loeb Classical Library, 1926, 1982, p.

The Hollywood Ten are held up as martyrs, for losing their jobs and spending a few months in prison for contempt of Congress, even while they had the blood of the millions murdered in Russia and Eastern Europe on their hands, as the conscious and willing agents of Josef Stalin (who was still alive, remember, and still killing people at the time, even readying a against the Jews), a greater mass murderer than Adolf Hitler.

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The Cold War thus continues, even if now largely an internal American conflict -- though by way of , which has found willing allies on the Left, the struggle again has taken on a geopolitical character.